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Our Story

 The net came about when I, David Demery was working out with my son Darien Demery who was the shortstop at Berkeley high school.   My son threw a weighted ball to me with such a strong velocity that I miss judged it and it hit me in the wrist.  Because of that reason, I decided that I will not be catching his throws any longer and it came to me that maybe if he could throw a ball into a net that collected the balls  I could work out with him without being in danger of being hit again.  So the next day I took the idea to a friend who I attended computer school with John Stirton and asked him if I designed it could he build it. He agreed. So with John’s knowledge of engineering and building, he gave of his time and resources to help me make the right changes for the net to work and it did.  But it was still missing something. That something was a professional ballplayers thoughts and opinion. So I went to a ballplayer Leon Bip Roberts who was a community leader and Mentor To the young ballplayers in Oakland California that included my son Darien Demery. 

 I respected Bip Because not only did he give freely his time and money to the youth of this community he was also a childhood friend of my late cousin Harvey Brumfield  They both played Little League together and went to community college and we’re both drafted with Bip making it to the major leagues.

 With that being said I asked Bip what he thought of the Net. He asked me if he could come by and take a look at it. I said sure and he said he would be there in 15 minutes. Bip said in his opinion that it could be a game changer but it needed to be changed somewhat for it to work on a high school college and professional level.

 After showing Bip the net I went to my partner John and said it was my strong opinion that we needed Bip Roberts vision to get this net right and that I was going to ask Bip to partner equally with us in making this happen.  Bip thought about it and agreed to come on board but he said that it needed to be green, larger and be called the cut off man.  

 And we all agree and that’s our story